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2024 Poster Schedule

Tuesday, May 21, 2024
10:20 - 11:20 am AND 2:50 - 3:30 PM
Exhibitor Hall

Presenter Poster Title
Milan Aryal  Graph-Based Learning for Grading of Cancer Using Whole Slide Images 
Malek Asfa, MD  Use of a Rubric and Peer Review to Improve Photographic Quality in a Pathology Residency Program 
Richard Davis, MD. MSPH  Conversion of Legacy Laboratory Information System (LIS) Cases into Beaker AP cases 
Mustafa Deebajah, MD  The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Genitourinary Fellowship Training: A Comparative Analysis of Prostate Needle Biopsy Case Diagnoses 
Mustafa Deebajah, MD  Evaluating General Large Language Modules Diagnostic Accuracy Using digital pathology Images  
Mustafa Deebajah, MD  Enhancing Readability and Clinical Utility of Pathology Reports Using General Large Language Module 
Jacob Kinskey, MD  Scalable HLA Quality Control with Microsystem Architecture Using React and the Django REST Framework 
Matthew Luo, MD  Impact of Best Practice Advisory Implementation on HIV and HCV Screening Test Ordering in the Emergency Department 
Eric Steimetz, MD, PhD Optimizing Pathology Report Analysis by Using a Generative Large Language Model 
Daiki Taniyama, MD, PhD  A New Approach to Develop Computer-Aided Screening System Using Artificial Intelligence for Gastric Biopsy Specimens  
Jonathan Von Reusner, MD  Symmunicoding and Transcompiling Algorithmic Natural Language with Large Language Models 

Wednesday, May 22, 2024
10:20 - 11:20 am AND 3:05 - 3:45 pm
Exhibitor Hall

Presenter Poster Title
Christopher Snyder, MD, PhD  Conformal Prediction and Large Language Model for Medical Coding
Robert Chen, MD, PhD  Plasma Metabolomic Profiling of Patients with High Grade Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia Reveals Metabolic Drivers of Invasive Carcinoma Transformation 
Parnaz Daneshpajouhnejad, MD Molecular Correlates of Tertiary Lymphoid Structures and Computer Vision-Derived Signature of Vascular Density is Prognostic of Prostate Cancer Outcome and Associated With Immune Infiltration
Mustafa Deebajah, MD  Enhancing Histology Image Quality Beyond H&E Preparation: Addressing Inter-Laboratory Variability for Improved Image Analysis
Mustafa Deebajah, MD  Comparative Analysis of Ki-67 Marker Quantification Across Different Digital Scanners and Image Analysis Platforms: A Real-World Evaluation of Inter-Vendor Variability 
Mustafa Deebajah, MD  Ischemic Stroke Etiology Classification from Clot Histology using Attention-based Multiple Instance Learning 
Mikael Haeggstroem, MD  Integrating Pathology Informatics Teaching into Residency Training 
Grace Kroner, MD, DABCC, FAACC  Ordering and Order Release Changes to Ensure Accurate Paired Specimen Collection 
Sulakshana Ranjan, MD  Database-driven Analysis of Hemoglobin Thresholds in Pediatric Transfusions 
Nuha Shaker, MD, MS  AI-Powered Approach for Ki67 Proliferation Index Assessment in Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Gastrointestinal Tract and the Pancreas 
Jonathan Von Reusner, MD    Conway Meets Ulam: An Educational Tool for Applying Algebraic Topological Homology in the Study of Dynamical Cellular and Multicellular Automata 
Chance Walker, MD  Digital, Single-cell, Immunohistochemical Analysis Reveals Tumor Heterogeneity of the Androgen Receptor Pathway in Prostatic Tissue Sections