API Celebrates Women's History Month!

Meet Dr. Ji Yeon Kim, API's President-Elect

Dr. Kim is a clinical pathologist who oversees the chemistry department as well as the laboratory computer systems for the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Regional Reference Laboratory.

Dr. Kim began her involvement in API as a trainee and 2008 travel award recipient. She soon became involved in API leadership, including co-chairing the Training & Education Committee. Dr. Kim follows in the footsteps of women pioneers in Pathology Informatics, including former API Presidents Drs. Myra Wilkerson, Alexis Carter, Monica de Baca, and Mary Edgerton. Learn more about her and her predecessors below!

Dr. Wilkerson was API's first woman President in 2009-2010. She helped to establish the Association for Pathology Informatics as a non-profit organization in its nascency, enabling the society to focus on its mission of supporting training and education for future pathology informaticists.
Dr. Carter was API President in 2014 and she helped to establish one of the most important conduits of PI communication. She founded API's ListServ "PathBytes," where informaticists are able to come together and discuss the real-time challenges they face and their experiences with new technologies. Dr. Carter also started the women's networking group at the PI Summit, which will continue at PI Summit 2022. Be sure to REGISTER!

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Monica E. de Baca, MD

Dr. de Baca served as API's third woman President in 2019. She helped to spearhead a Joint Meeting of API, American College of Radiology and the College of American Pathologists to discuss synergies in integrated reporting and governmental regulatory topics during the API Summit. Dr. de Baca and her partner also generously provided funding to help host the women's networking group at PI Summit 2019.

Dr. Edgerton provided essential leadership to the organization during the COVID-19 pandemic, when API had to pivot and reimagine its education and training programs and mission. Thanks to her guidance and the intrepid dedication of all of APIs leaders and members, the society continues to thrive and grow as it provides support to pathologists throughout the world.

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