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The API is staffed by Nova Smith, Beth Gibson, Rebecca Boes, and Grace Chae.  Rebecca Boes is the web developer for the API website, Beth Gibson works at the University of Michigan which also provides support for the Pathology Informatics Summit, and Grace Chae supports a variety of projects at API.   Please e-mail or call NovaGrace, or Governing Council members for specific information about the Association for Pathology Informatics.

Nova Smith, 
API Executive Director 
Senior Conference Manager
JPI Managing Editor

PO Box 90319
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Office Phone:  412-445-7019
n[email protected]

Beth Gibson
Operations Manager
Conference Manager
Office Phone: 734-615-5727
[email protected]

Rebecca Boes
Programmer/Web Developer
Electronic Communication Staff
[email protected]

Grace Chae
API Executive Assistant
JPI Editorial Assistant
[email protected]